courting disaster

Courting Disaster

How the CIA Kept America Safe and how Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack

"Marc Thiessen knows, in ways that few others do, just how effective, heroic, and morally justified were the interrogators who kept this nation safe after 9/11. If you want to know what really happened behind the scenes at the CIA interrogation sites or at Guantanamo Bay, you simply must read this book." —Dick Cheney

Courting Disaster reveals—as no other book has—just how close we've come to the next 9/11 and how enhanced interrogation techniques (including waterboarding) have saved us from numerous would-be terrorist attacks.Offering a behind-the-scenes look at the CIA's "black sites," the book also provides substantial evidence to prove the tactics used by the CIA were not only effective, but lawful and morally just.

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How will al-Qaeda mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

Posted on September 14, 2010 by Marc Thiessen

We are less than a year away from the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. As that milestone approaches, a dangerous view is taking hold in Washington that al-Qaeda no longer has the intent or capability to repeat the devastation of that terrible day. In February, Vice President Joe Biden announced that "the idea of there being a massive attack in the United States like 9/11 is unlikely, in my view" and that we need only worry about "small bore" attacks.

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Safer than We Think? Would Be a Pity to Be Wrong

Posted on September 13, 2010 by Marc Thiessen

In today’s Washington Post, my friend and colleague Fareed Zakaria writes that our response to 9/11 has gone too far and that we are really “safer than we think”:

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Another Victim of ObamaCare: Sheriff Andy

Posted on September 09, 2010 by Marc Thiessen

Another public figure has taken a plunge in the polls thanks to his vocal support for ObamaCare. North Carolina’s very own Andy Griffith recently cut this TV ad promoting President Obama’s healthcare plan:

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Obama Joins the Tea Party

Posted on September 09, 2010 by Marc Thiessen

During his speech in Cleveland, President Obama made it official: He is joining the Tea Party. Or, at least, he’s aping the Tea Party’s rhetoric—hoping to convince Americans that after a 20-month miasma of spending, the Democrats are concerned about fiscal responsibility, spending, deficits, and debt too.

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A speech from the Far Side: What our enemies heard

Posted on September 07, 2010 by Marc Thiessen

Years ago, Gary Larson published a Far Side cartoon called "what dogs hear." Two identical panels, side-by-side, showed a man speaking to his dog, Ginger. In the first, the man tells the dog: "Okay, Ginger! I've had it! You stay out of the garbage! Understand, Ginger?" In the second, we see what the dog actually hears: "Blah, blah, GINGER." For the terrorists, President Obama's Oval Office address last week came across much the same way. While the president made some obligatory references to our responsibilities in the war on terror, what our enemies heard were his declarations that America is withdrawing and refocusing on domestic priorities.

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What They're Saying

An important book Rquotest
Senator John Cornyn
Absolutely superb! Rquotest
Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey
One of the most important books of the year. Courting Disaster is a must-must-read. Rquotest
Michelle Malkin (
A terrific and important book Rquotest
Debra Burlingame, (sister of AA Flight 77 pilot Charles Burlingame)
[Thiessen is] the most forceful, serious and articulate new spokesman for hardliners around – one who can back up his opinions with facts that can influence the debate. Rquotest
William Safire
In Courting Disaster, Marc Thiessen sets the record straight. Rquotest
Donald Rumsfeld
You Must Read Courting Disaster. Rquotest
Former CIA Director Mike Hayden
If you want to know what really happened … at the CIA interrogation sites or at Guantanamo Bay, you simply must read this book Rquotest
Dick Cheney


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