Soccer and Socialism: English Soccer Star Says I’m Right

Posted on July 13, 2010

My recent post explaining why soccer is a socialist sport has come under rabid attack from soccer aficionados, defending the capitalist dignity of their beloved game.  (Apparently some didn’t get that it was a joke).  So imagine my surprise driving home the other night as I listened to this hilarious story on Public Radio International’s “The World” in which an English soccer star says I’m right.

After quoting my post, the reporter, Alex Gallafent, notes that “in lands beyond these American shores, socialism – whisper it quietly – isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”  And he quotes John Barnes – apparently one of the best wingers in the history of English soccer – who “recently put his head above the parapet to argue that ‘teams which embrace the socialist ideology rather than having superstars, are the teams that are successful.’”

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